Landon Kirksey

Landon Kirksey is an actor and writer based in Los Angeles.


I love podcasts and I've been producing them for nearly a decade now. Here are the shows I'm currently working on. The latest episode of each is below with a link to more and to subscribe if you like it. Also searchable in the podcast player of your choice.


Hear Candy

A show about songs we’ve heard a thousand times, but maybe haven’t paid attention to what they’re actually saying (or singing)




ImprovCast with Jay and Landon

As performers and teachers, Jay Sukow and Landon Kirksey love to talk to students of improv about their personal journeys to the craft and how it affects their day to day lives. Also there are bits because these are improvisers we're talking about here. Plenty of bits. 


Broses Before Roses

Okay, so this started as a joke, right? What show can four guys watch together and talk about that they're not really interested in and can make fun of? The Bachelor! Perfect. And now they do every season of The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise too. Not really interested...sure guys.